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28.04.2005 Mihalych: "I cry about "Amelie" - interview for

Animal Jazz' Mihalych: I cry about "Amelie"
(Interview for

STARSTORY: What kind of music does Animal Jazz play?
Mihalych: It's always difficult to talk about it, but I would put it so - it's a heavy melodic rock.
STARSTORY: How was the band formed?
Mihalych: We have met in August 2000 - all were playing in the bands which had one rehearsal place. I was an initiator and proposed the guys to unite in the band. At our first rehearsal we have made three songs, and after that it's became obvious that the band was born. We were playing together for four years, but in summer 2004 we had to part the keyboards player and drummer. Now we have the other people on these positions.
STARSTORY: Why did you decide to name your band so?
Mihalych: The name was the idea of our former drummer Thomas, which some time before was playing in the band named just so. And we had made a solution to keep tradition...
STARSTORY: How did your pseudonym "Mihalych" appear?
Mihalych: This is my patronymic. My mother and sister call me so. And in general it was so since childhood.
STARSTORY: What artists were the orienteers for you in music? Mainly that was western musicians such as Incubus, Metallica, U2, Sinch, Dredg, Faith No More.
STARSTORY: What bands would you mark at Russian rock-stage?
Mihalych: There are some good bands in Russia now, but I can note only Tequilajazzz. Kirpichi, Billy's Band, Polusa.
STARSTORY: What do you want to express with your texts and music?
Mihalych: Now we express the state of soul and body.
STARSTORY: What does Animal Jazz feel before each concert?
Mihalych: I should say that we are not the kind of band which doesn't give a damn about where and how to perform. That's why as a rule we feel fear and emotion before coming on stage.
STARSTORY: Do you have some definite ritual before starting the show or some stimulators?
Mihalych: I have some personal preparing nuance, but I won't tell you about it even if you do ask me. But usually before each show we drink 50 grams of sambuca:
STARSTORY: Can you recall any curious occasion happened to you during the concert?
Mihalych: Well, not really. All goes as usual at work - someone breaks somebody's head with guitar, someone jumps into the audience with all cords.
STARSTORY: What's your opinion on the future of Russian rock?
Mihalych: Everything will be alright if the country will have freedom of speech. We have huge inner reserves, young musicians are stronger than previous generation, and they're better both in technical and ideological points. As for me, I already now see 5-6 bands which worth more than underground existence. And there's one problem left to be solved in time. The new establishment has to develop - radio stations, TV channels, producers and so on. But this segment doesn't form in a moment. It needs time, years have to pass and then the people grown at this time, not the 80es generation, will come in power. They have a correct understanding of show business. So my point of view is optimistic in this case.
STARSTORY: And in general, are you optimist or pessimist?
Mihalych: Problematically to say, but let's say so, I am pessimistic optimist.
STARSTORY: When did you start to be fond of music?
Mihalych: It was long ago, I sing since I was free years old. I was a chorus' lead singer when I was seven. Later my interests had come to some other side in the field of sociology and at 27 I gathered my first band.
STARSTORY: How did you learn at school?
Mihalych: I finished the school with a silver medal. I was pretty good in geography, even much better than the teacher. That's all what I can brag with.
STARSTORY: Do you have any bad habits?
Mihalych: I smoke cigars and speaking damns.
STARSTORY: Did you ever want to change something in your life?
Mihalych: My rule is not to look back and not to sorry. And it's better to live in peace with what I have.
STARSTORY: What about private life of the band?
Mihalych: Well, what to say, we all are not married, have girlfriends, no one of us sleeps with our girl fans.
STARSTORY: What do you like to do during your leisure?
Mihalych: I live common life like common people, internet, movies, concerts - that's my hobby. Oh, and computer games.
STARSTORY: Is there a place you like to be at?
Mihalych: Yeah, and there's not only one. First of all, it's Montmartre in Paris, Freiburg and Neva's quays. In general, there're a lot of special places in the cities we play at. For example, it's Chkalov stairway in Nizhniy Novgorod or lake's quay in Petrozavodsk.
STARSTORY: Do you have favorite book?
Mihalych: Yes, sure. It's "Amber's Chronicles" and Dovlatov (especially "Nature") and Max Fray.
STARSTORY: And your favorite film?
Mihalych: Now I like the most "Amelie". This is the only film I'm always crying about while watching.
STARSTORY: What colors mix do you like?
Mihalych: I like green, blue. Generally I prefer fading colors, not deep ones.
STARSTORY: Do you have any ideas to sing duos with someone?
Mihalych: Hell to it, we already sang and that's enough. Maybe I would like to sing trio with Pop and Supreme Rabbin.
STARSTORY: What are your plans for the future?
Mihalych: To release an album, to have a son and dye in sleep.
STARSTORY: What would you like to wish to our readers?
Mihalych: Submit with your own demerits!

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