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  • 20.07 Izhevsk
  • 21.07 Nashestvie
  • 25.07 Moskva
  • 31.07 Sankt-Peterburg
  • 04.08 Taman
  • 17.08 Rostov-na-Donu
  • 18.08 Roza Hutor

27.12.2004 The review on the album "Kak Ludi" by FUZZ Magazine

Animal Jazz, "Kak Ludi"

Animal Jazz was lucky to be born at the right moment.

6 or 7 years ago approximately the same was being made by ATYBATY group and musicians there were even better. But then Faith No More also was not esteemed as an initial cause and Californication was not out yet. And situation at clubs and with rotation appeared to be different than at present. In general, that was unsung by fathers will be sung by us. Though, it's not only the question of fortune, but also the question of persistence and diligence. ATYBATY was lack of these characteristics. Animal Jazz has them in abundance.

The band is progressing with crazy speed and their new album "Kak Ludi" is one of the matters confirming this fact. The band is multipurpose; girls do like beautiful lyrics and true suffering in Mihalych' voice singing about hard love. Guys are attracted by powerful drive which is seriously claimed on the album. But anyway they're more adequate live at the concerts - so visit it.

It's pleasant for the listeners of the middle age to find the fact that there already are our native bands making stake not only on contents, but also on a form. The form is the quality of playing and recording. The band has already eventuated. And there's more delighting thing that they have a potential which maybe in few years will make a prefix "super" rightful for them. If the speed won't be slow down.

And the track "Neonovyj Cowboy" better might be released as a single, since the band has the experience.

Catherine Borisova

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