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  • 20.07 Izhevsk
  • 21.07 Nashestvie
  • 25.07 Moskva
  • 31.07 Sankt-Peterburg
  • 04.08 Taman
  • 17.08 Rostov-na-Donu
  • 18.08 Roza Hutor

22.05.2007 The review on the album "Shag Vdokh" by Rolling Stone Magazine

Animal Jazz, "Shag Vdokh" (Step. Breath)

Animal Jazz is the most intellectual band of all young Russian alternative musicians.

Making modern rock of big arenas' range the Animal Jazz band is trying their best to avoid cliche, nevertheless the base of band's music is the same good old Seattle alternative of 90es mixed with Ultra Radio's standards. But the more scrupulous manner of making the melodies differs them from all the others gloomy groups. First three tracks are just good and title one is a song of the astonishing beauty. Mr. Krasovitskiy and his colleagues demonstrate the composing and producing work of the most intellectual property. If there is something we can reproach guys with, that's a bit old-fashioned way of writing lyrics, which cut the ears with stereotypes or turns out in some pathetic metaphors a-la Autograph band in spirit of 80es. But the final block - "Kabluki" (Heels) and "Otvet Net" (The Answer's No), saves the situation. These songs have a low level of pathos and filled with retro and irony in the highest concentration. However they don't go as final shot, Animal Jazz finish the album with an epic powerful hit "Tysyachi Dney" (Thousands Of Days).

Boris Barabanov (Rolling Stone Magazine, May 2007)

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