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21.12.2004 The review on the album "Kak Ludi" by

Animal Jazz, "Kak Ludi"
The review on the album "Kak Ludi" by

Our native alternative stage is a very strange spectacle. On the one hand, of course, our country has such kind of music. At least, show me the country which hasn't it. I guess there're even in some African country the groups supposed to call alternative. On the other hand we almost don't have this music. Do you often hear on the radio such bands or watch their videos on TV? No, very seldom, though the industry develops step by step. Let's take for instance Petersburg band Animal Jazz which has released the new album "Kak Ludi" under the major label. The band already has its own fans' community and for sure they will have some new admirers. But is the rest of the audience ready to perceive such music? Well, let's start our review from design. There's a half of the face on the cover. The face is cracked; perhaps, it must show the pain and suffering inside. The picture says: "Don't wait for positive!" The booklet also doesn't give the optimism. "Animal gratitude" is pronounced even to those "who wanted to kill us". And it's terrifying to hear the album after such joyful parting wishes. The record starts with a song "Polietilen". It's necessary to note that the opening track is a very well chosen. It starts just like from a distance, then the piano comes in and in result we've got romantic desperate and a bit cold emo-rock. We go far and it's getting strange. There're such keyboards in the next song "Taxofony" which would more fit "Nogu Svelo" than the band - the hope of alternative stage. This song is format radio hit and its place on the air of "Nashe Radio". Next is the "Angel". Generally, there's a very clear expressed theme of paradise, angels, life, death, love and others according meanings in the lyrics of Animal Jazz. The combination of this with Mihalych' high voice and heavy guitars sounds very curiously. In general, the lyrics is very gloom, but giving some hope. There's such sentence, for example, - / sixteen it's too short, it's just the start, do not dye/.

One of the best songs is the track "10 000 sigaret nazad". It has relaxing beginning with piano which later just sinks under the wave of guitars' riffs. In the whole, there's a lot of piano on the album and that's plus 'cause it shades on guitars parts. Due to it "Blues" looks like waltz. And absolutely unusual sound appears in "Zhivoy" which for some reason or other turns in a heavy version of some children movie song made in early 80es. The best what Animal jazz does is the ballads. There're two songs which make you to rise the volume and then to get thoughtful about them. These are "Neobratimost" and "Pozdno". The other ballads are also good enough, but these can became arenas' anthems. The last track is "Neonovyj Cowboy" made in duo with Shnurov. And this song sounds really different. First, it's the only track with a cheerful or better to say relaxing words. Music also is very light and positive, just like sunshine reggae. Shnurov with his husky vocal and words about "full loaded gun" and "what sex comes without vodka" has proved the name of the main enfant terrible and porno hero of our pop music.

Vladimir Baskov

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