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  • 20.07 Izhevsk
  • 21.07 Nashestvie
  • 25.07 Moskva
  • 31.07 Sankt-Peterburg
  • 04.08 Taman
  • 17.08 Rostov-na-Donu
  • 18.08 Roza Hutor

21.06.2009 The review on the album "Egoist" by Rolling Stone Magazine

Animal Jazz, "Egoist"

Animal Jazz musicians had never hided their star ambitions. And they always attain the goals. Almost having got the status of stadium band they released the fifth album "Egoist". Once they had defined the manner in which play as "guitar eclectic" and they stay on this chosen road. But the Animal Jazz eclectic is not limited with guitar dominance. There are metal riffs and organ peals, fashion electro sounds and acoustic fingering on the album. The song "Ne Umrem" reminds with vocal intonations "Show Must Go On" and the singer Alexander Mihalych Krasovitskiy practically sounds like Freddie Mercury. As earlier, Animal Jazz pretty overdoses with pathos, but the teenage depression of the lyrics is replaced with some reflexion. Actually, the general message of band can't be said to be much changed. The "Egoist" album is a logical for the group sample of pretentious pop-alternative. Only one track - ironical "Mozhno Vse" recorded in duo with Casta's Vlady, differs from the general tragic-romantic atmosphere of the album.

Ilya Zinin (Rolling Stone Magazine, April 2009)

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