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16.03.2004 "Stereolove" review -

Animal Jazz "Stereolove" review

The suspicions have come true. And it rejoices, because my suspicions were optimistic enough. Actually that weren't suspicions, but presentiments. As I've heard all the albums and almost all of the singles of "Animal Jazz" and they've caused in me very pleasant sensations. Thus one February day have taken in hands their new album "Stereolove" I thought it won't be boring and sad one.

Of course, the old rockers like me are pretty capricious guys. It's difficult to please them, because they don't like much most of the newest and modern music. Well, tastes differ and it's problematic to find people sharing your own one. Especially when most of life you're sailing the rock'n'roll river and it necessarily makes you to recall the past times. The times when I was a little younger, when the music which strengthened and formed my mind has appeared and it still remains powerful and effective force. That's why most of things happen now on a rock'n'roll front are automatically perceived through a prism of the past.

Yes, it is so. But anyway these musicians which create the sound constructions today have an absolute right to go their own way without looking back. And many of them do so. Some of them do it very good. One of them is the band "Animal Jazz". It doesn't matter what kind of music they play. It can be called art-core, emo-rock, heavy alternative or maybe some other words, but the main thing is that the animal jazzmen make excellent, original, very qualitative albums and singles. It's a marvelous and real music. It becomes obvious at once on the album "Stereolove". The class, powerful, clever, perfectly played songs follow one by one. If at the first moment it seems that a heavy guitar sound is dominating, but then the other not less effective paints are found on the canvas of the plate. And melodies of the songs are completely fine. They touch you, they are remembered.

The lyrics are very strong. If to say more truly this isn't lyrics at all, but really authentic, sapid poetry, which you want to hear and to read, because of its sincerity and unpredictability. I've listened to "Stereolove" several times and I still can't tell which one of the songs is my favorite. All and each of them are good. First "America" seems to be the best, but then you find that "Listopad" or "Pobegi Resniz" or "Glazami etogo mira" are not less interesting. Then "15" and "Moscow" attracts your attention and so on. And again and so on.

Generally, now when my review comes to the end I should make some musical, critical, scientifically looking conclusions, to say something clever about nuances and arrangements. But for some reason it's not desirable for me. I'll do it some other time, when I'll get used to this surprising and accomplished album.

And you Mihalych are great and guys you're working with are not less great.

George Gunitsky, specially for

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