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15.06.2005 Mihalych: "We play in Moscow more often than in Piter" - interview for

Animal Jazz' Alex "Mihalych" Krasovitskiy: "We play in Moscow more often than in Piter".

The Animal Jazz' performance at the metropolitan club B2 took place on June 9, the day after the band's singer Mihalych's birthday. The check-room was closed, so the venue was full of teenagers and students with different bags and knapsacks. Generally, on my point of view, I think Animal Jazz is not very lucky with their audience. Basically there were mainly teenagers had gotten money for the show from their mothers. And on the reason that the tickets has become more expensive if compare with the last concert, the audience was obviously smaller. Usually, you expect to see more elder people at such concerts; however the band plays pretty complicated, interesting music. Though it's clear with what they catch youth.

It's sounding 100 % animal jazz, sometimes it's furious and sexual, sometimes - cold and mysterious. Mihalych white clothed in summer manner chooses the victim among the crowd and sings just for her all the song. Sometimes he begins to pour the people with mineral water. Young boy of two meters height stands by the stage just opposite to the singer and actively takes part in all. Mihalych:"Take the boy away". The concert is in its peak. It's difficult to breathe because of smoke. The beginning of a new song sounds: ": 10000 cigarettes ago:". Young girl jumps up to the stage and presents the main "animal jazzman" with a kiss. And in the final comes "Stereolove".

After exciting concert I've got not less exciting interview with the hero of day.

You're celebrating your birthday in Moscow. Don't you have some prejudices like other Piter's inhabitants?
No, absolutely. As for me, I belong to Magadan, so I don't have this problem. Maybe the guys had such feelings until we became to play the concerts in Moscow. And Moscow people has just fascinated us, thus there can't be any prejudices and other things like that from our side.

Then why do you play in Moscow so seldom?
Why seldom? Now we play more often in Moscow than in St. Petersburg. We just play the concerts pretty seldom in general, because we began to work more and to pretend less. Concert is a holiday, not work. And now we have fewer holidays and more week-days, more rehearsals and recordings: We decided to decrease the amount of holidays.

You work a lot, 'cause you're going to release the album soon?
No, not soon. Perhaps, next year.

And what songs which are already written will be on the album?
Well, we already have a lot of material. There're 17 songs. We're going to make the album in such way; first we're gonna to record songs, taste them and then will record some new. And will choose the best ones - and so we'll make a good album. We like this kind of recording process which is used by all western bands. Of course, it's a question of money and time. We don't have enough of these factors, but anyway we'll go this way. We have a lot of new material and we'll take for the record the best songs. And the best ones are such not only because they're good songs, but also they have to fit the conception of the album.

Is conception already formed?
It will be formed in time. It's impossible to say now what we'll be in a year.

Are the musicians of the band making living with music only or they're doing something else?
There's only one working man in our band, the others are studying or have some hobbies like internet, DJ's work. Our drummer is teaching, though he's just 19 years old. So 90 per cents of our time are taken by music, the work and the only thing in life we care about.

How often did you have changes in the band?
We had it only once. Year ago our drummer and keyboard player were replaced with the new musicians. Then we had come the other way, but nevertheless it's the Animal Jazz band, as you could here it at the concert.

Why do you have such loving for making covers? You've already made "Toxic","Eleanor Rigby"...
There's such a misleading opinion, that any song can be covered. You can rerecord it, but it won't be a real cover. I mean when you take as a base someone's song and put in it your own emotion and the version sounds in a new way.

Do you like Beatles or "Eleanor Rigby" was covered by you occasionally?
Beatles is the base of basis. Everyone had opened this band in its time. Our bass player's room was glued round with Beatles' posters when he was a child. I had come to their songs when I was 27 years old and I really believe them to be the founders of rock-music. There's rhythm-&-blues style - R'n'B and there's Beatles which had developed exactly European rock tradition in implementation to the original black music. They made experiments in all genres and in our too. When we were making cover everybody told that "Helter Skelter" would fit us more. But the matter is that this song was made hard enough. And it's not interesting if you take one metal song and make the other metal song of it. To do of it string work for violins quartet - that will be interesting.

You play pretty complicated music. Do Animal Jazz' members have musical education?
Our keyboard player, guitarist and sound engineer (he teaches) have it. The others began as amatory.

How did you work out such original manner of singing?
Well, I don't have any idea about this. I'm always being compared with someone, though I didn't learn vocals at all. I started to sing since I was 3 years. When I was six I sang in musical school as a lead vocalist. But we weren't learnt to sing there. So I was keep singing till 17, and then my voice started to mutate and it has changed. But I still have that timbre colour like in a childhood.

There's such unusual vocal composition without words on your single "If You Breathe"...
Oh, yeah, we were recording this album at DDT studio. And that was improvisation on "Aravica" theme. Boris, our former keyboard player took the accords as a main line and started to play something insane, and I started to sing and all that was recorded. In general, this album is almost pure improvisation in all respects.

And as a rule you often use improvisations at the concerts, right?
Yes, we do and we did it tonight. We expressed tonight's mood of the audience. And I believe everybody has loved it. Improvisation breaks the rules and makes the show more alive.

Nastasya Yermolayeva for

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