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13.05.2008 Only Rockmen In Jazz - interview for "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"

Only Rockmen In Jazz

These musicians always were marked with experimentation spirit. Drive and aggressive romantic of rock, laid on a jazz restless rhythms and regular changes of strain can be always found in the main Animal Jazz hits. Eventually, their premiere program, played by the band in Moscow prestigious club "Apelsin" turned out unusual.

Perhaps, only few ones may allow themselves such metamorphoses. The Animal Jazz band had played in one shows with international stars Garbage, Rollins Band, Clawfinger, were opening for Finland gothic romantics Rasmus. Careless spirit of nonconformism, alternative, squeezing guitars, depression, positioned as credo, powerful hits and free ballads at the edge - all this gathered around the band a lot of fans.

Few years ago the band were invited to write a soundtrack for the movie. And we can say, their music has just saved the "Graffiti". The film was about life of graffiti painters, bikers and diggers. But due to disparity of idea and its embodiment much advertised drama didn't become popular. And now the presentation of the new program based on the unplugged versions and on a couple of songs from the new single recorded at DDT studio. The 19 years academically educated violinist Gulya Naumova brightened in completely men's collective, though she has already played with the band from time to time.

The permanent vocalist of the group and charismatic leader Alexander Krasovitskiy, more known as Mihalych, his patronymic, which had become his stage pseudonym, started the concert with beautiful rock ballads. Such songs fits great his emotional and dramatic vocal. And in general, it was obvious that the band is turning away from daring and expressive, depressive mood of the early repertory. Guitars increasing the strain, sharp flashes of darkness and light, contrasts of passions and sentiments - all this are still in their music. But the new program is more filled with rock romantic, lyric combined with pretty simple and clear words 'bout love. And it's not usual for Animal Jazz.

Nevertheless, the audience gratefully accepted the changes. Songs "Ya" and "My" were sung almost by each of the 2 thousands fans overcrowded the club. After the show "RG" observer has met with the leader of the band Alexander Krasovitskiy, or just Mihalych.

It was unexpectedly to hear such program from you. And the roaring applause of the audience were even more unexpected. Does it mean the people miss simple words about real love, miss not overfilled with the allegories rock romance?
There's a lot of people not just listening to the music but wishing it to be fighting for something. And such ones definitely decided that heavy music - it's good. And the music is not so hard and desperate -it's bad. That's why we're often being criticised. We have left hard and dirty sound of our first albums and we were accused with becoming a pop band. This words are equal to offence for me. Pop music begins there where all the things are about how to get money as much as possible. It's not our way - to write songs for commercial success, when you should make every single note, every word being pleasant and format for radio or something like that. It's a crime to do so. But the musicians acting opposite to the mentioned above way, making music they want are not a pop band. And it doesn't matter if they play pop, heavy or country. So as we do, we write music for our pleasure and then it become popular unexpectedly for us. Now we like to play more soft music than we used to play before. We're not trying to fit somebody's tastes, and we did so through all eight years of our career.

I have an impression that now you're more happy person than you was during period of the "Stereolove" and "Shag.Vdokh" albums. It feels in your simple texts, which appeal to enjoy common life emotions...
The poetry is a flight, a soul expressing with words. But I express images, because of this I don't suppose my texts to be a poetry. When I'm writing lyrics I always have a definite task. And, yes, sometimes my rhymes are commonplaces. But the main thing for me is that when I'm singing I must feel something inside. That's the goal. In 60-70 % my texts are bound with concrete person and image. And sometime they know - it's about them, though I never mentioned names and places...

Does the fact people know many of the songs, sing it in chorus surprise you?
No, it doesn't. 'Cause we're all have something common. And when the song, such, for example, as "Angel" or "Stereolove", or "Three Stripes", touches these general points, which we all have, it will be sung by the audience. And it happens in spite the fact the songs are not in radio or TV rotations. Good songs overcome all these conventions. Also we have songs, which impressed people with different, their own visions, they see something intimate, belonging only to their own world inside. Such song is "David". And it's very pleasant for me to see such moments while being on the stage. Telling about happiness, well here're more aspects, difficult to say, first songs were written eight years ago. Since then I lost a lot, but found more. My daughter grew up. I became adult, trying to be calm and wisdom, avoiding extreme actions. Both in music and life. What is a depression? It's when you let yourself to drop to the deep gulf and just swim there. Actually, such things happen during periods of crisis and bad luck. But when you're getting older you learning to rule the emotions of your own. I can understand now , that terrible things I was singing about in "Stereolove" are rare guests in our lives. And they're more like to be a product of my imagination, but not the fact of the reality. Thinking that everything around is terrible and the world comes to the end. And many people feels the same sometimes. Now I don't think so as I did earlier: Probably, I hasn't become happier person, but now I think more, feel more and try don't let my imagination rule my life. I'm trying to find my reality, find myself.

Love and romantic, are they helping to do that?
Yes, love is the only saving thing. Saving from life problems too, due to this feeling we are needed, necessary at this planet. I can't and don't want to live alone and for myself.

Alexander Alexeyev for "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", # 4657, May 13, 2008

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