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12.12.2004 The review on the album "Kak Ludi" by Zvuki.Ru

Animal Jazz - "Kak Ludi"
The review on the album "Kak Ludi" by

And they had a passion. Just recently wild and not brushed Animal Jazz' recordings gave the feeling of impetuous powerful force, which couldn't be constrained by any low frequencies' discrimination and recordings' flaws. When the band has made the first completely studio LP one fact became obvious: it's still a good live band and just a starting studio one. All compositions on the new album sound vividly and dense precisely on stage. It should seem what disturbed musicians to follow the way of patented successes? - Nothing did, they just wanted to do everything like people on their fourth album. And a new phase of Animal Jazz' life has begun.

This phase is characterized by enhanced attention to a melodic component of compositions. It's remarkable with especially Petersburg autumn atmosphere ("Bblues", "ChernymBelym"-"BlackWhite", "Paday Vniz"-"Fall Down") and with a humane attitude to the listeners. Yes, the band still remains hard and alternative, but former "animal spirit" hasn't been expressed in the studio recording. Probably, they didn't plan to. With the fact of playing their songs on the radio band has got a concrete addressee ready to echo. All the more that at last he can distinguish lyrics at the first hearing:

The leader of the band, songwriter and vocalist Alex Krasovitskiy manages to spell the words with passion and maximalism appointed to rock music. Though more often it's just beautiful banalities: "You can never say / Where you win where you fail", "10000 cigarettes ago / the world was smoother / I was crueler". By the way, if to consider Mihalych smokes half pack a day and he did it since 10 years, now he should be about 40.

However, it's necessary to underline the beauty and harmony of some histories created by the author: falling of "Angel", history - appeal in the title song - compact destinies beautifully told and fairly sung.

I would mark as the most successful ones next tracks: made under the rules of post-rock nervous and desperate "BlackWhite", contrast "Vesna"-"Spring", and the most beautiful ballad "Neobratimost"-"Irreversibility" made in traditions of Tequilajazzz with the excellent dramatic violin solo by Pilot's Max Yorik. Obvious failure is a discording, flat and uninteresting joke-reggae knickknack "Neon Cowboy" sung with Shnur. At the last time Mr. Shnur more often spoils another's works with its drunken presence than giving something really new to it.

This album is the message, in which its title expresses not only the essence, but a thread; and few conditions (or instructions) of transforming from an animal to a human are meticulously listed in songs:'" You can't be a beast / If you want a human in you be released :("10 000 sigaret nazad"-"10 000 cigarettes ago"), "We're as all, like the whole human race / We can't see right into the face: ("Bblues"), "We love each other like people / In the supermarkets of destinies / Right working clocks are missed:("Kak Ludi"-"As People"). Well, it's splendid priming for all whom fond of searching for double senses.

The attempt of the humanization of Animal Jazz may be considered successful, but now it's time to protect animals' wild beauty in them,

Sonya Sokolova

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