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12.12.2004 The review on the album "Kak Ludi" by Play Magazine, December 2004

Animal Jazz - "Kak Ludi"
The review on the album "Kak Ludi" by Play Magazine, December 2004

At last someone has domesticated them.

"All waiting for uncompromising metal on the new record will be very disappointed" - has foreseen Mihalych six month earlier and he didn't betray. Third studio LP of Animal Jazz' discography happened to be unexpectedly soft and pleasant for hearing. The band has exactly stepped on the new level: thundering, exploding dynamics guitars were changed with the pure and tender piano, every note's become more verified and lyrics has got that sense which was missed earlier. "Kak Ludi" is a litmus paper showing that the Petersburg band can play everything today: from blues to piercing guitar ballads, but, of course, they haven't avoided a failure. "Neon Cowboy" made in a company of Shnur is a funny song in fact, but at the same time it looks indistinct and slurring over the resuming impressions on the album, in spite of presence of charismatic Leningrad's leader Shnur.

Nevertheless, in general this is the best what was ever made by Animal Jazz.

Vlad Bukhanzev

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