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Tour Dates

  • 20.07 Izhevsk
  • 21.07 Nashestvie
  • 25.07 Moskva
  • 31.07 Sankt-Peterburg
  • 04.08 Taman
  • 17.08 Rostov-na-Donu
  • 18.08 Roza Hutor

07.06.2004 "Stereolove" review by Fuzz Magazine, May 2004

Animal Jazz "Stereolove" (review by FUZZ Magazine, May 2004)

This band gets logical popularity not only due to the natural intelligence and efficient motivation on success but also due to the fact that their music material is inspired not by the Petersburg muffled and boastful nu-metal, but by variety master-classes of many generations. This is the point making such a hit songs. "Stereolove" is a very positive extroverted work and there's no place for timorous self-analysis. The laconism of lyrics and picturesque music are the main definitions characterizing this album. Music in its origin is not being lost in this recording, but on the contrary, the abundance of the whole composed elements is emphasizing a rather dirty esthetics of Animal Jazz. Thus, a song "Drugoe Kino" is a wide-open dramatic work and "Glazami Etogo Mira" is some kind of spell, where the message of the band clearly reflected. The album "Stereolove" is remarkable with its exhaustive sound painting, which for many reasons exists due to a close up of super small details rendering in a result a semi-mystic influence. Fine sound producing of drums and stylistic retrospective make the album especially sharp. The image of the record is a tango under the microscope.


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