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06.06.2006 The review on the album "Unplugged" by

The review on the album Unplugged (

Our native rock n roll always had charismatic frontmen, but at the same time there was a lack of good vocalists. And though Russian-rock tradition basely was founded on the priority of content, not form; but however approaching step by step to the western standard of sound we were eager to hear not only the intelligent lyrics, but also the skilled music and especially beautiful, powerful, without false, voice. The dream had all chances to be embodied in St. Petersburg group Aty-Baty, but this bands start was before time; at that moment nor Faith No More nor Red Hot Chill Peppers and, of course, no one of their Russian devotees had any popularity here. After couple of years of playing the clubs the leader of the band and verily luxurious vocalist Eugene Dyatlov had left rock music for romances and TV serials. And whatever Aty-Baty is doing now its not worth talking.

On the contrary, the Animal Jazz holding the same line in much more adequate time and place conditions is worth to be told about, in connection with all mentioned above. The bands leader Mihalych maintains, of course, that Mike Patton and moreover Anthony Kiedis didnt have much influence on his manner of singing. And he hardly lies, but the fact is that there are obviously notifying well-known intonations both in music and singing, which arent denying the independence of Animal Jazz thoughts and structuring the materials.

Actually the whole Unplugged is built on demonstration of maybe not unlimited but rather extensive possibilities of Mihalych voice. Its positive and negative at the same time. Its positive is in listeners opportunity to enjoy the unconditional high skill of singing: voice modulations, master breaks, and tender changes from aggression to brooding, from tragic to irony. And its negative is that singing akapella without good instrumental support (you dont need to pay much attention to simple guitar fingerings) makes in result all those richness looking strikingly monotonous. The ears are getting tired. But in the previous album Kak Ludi, whichs songs were put in base of the Unplugged the balance was correct; instrumental drive was in natural conjunction with vocal power; the arrangements bound all elements in general body; there was no monotony of melodies. Well, all was done as it might. Though, the fact we still dont have many good singers, makes Unplugged some kind of evidence that theres one such anyway. Also the record can be positioned as master class for vocalists. And its a little emotional break for Animal Jazz and their fans before the release of the new electric album in the autumn. By the way, besides the pleasure to hear the already known songs youll meet with three new ones (Na Kukhne, Dvoye, Mozhesh Letet) and one more track never been released before (Requiem 2005). Also youll find there the live version of Stereolove, performed by the audience featuring Mihalych, and a hidden funny track.

Ekaterina Borisova

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