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04.04.2003 Interview with AZ's vocalist Alex Krasovitskiy for

Interview with AZ's vocalist Alex Krasovitskiy for

We can play with anybody and before anybody, the main thing is to be in good form.

Animal Jazz is one of the most famed Petersburg bands now. Your band's name is known wide enough. You go on tour to the other cities. What's your opinion on the reason of such popularity?
We don't see some special popularity. Sometimes, we're asked for autographs - why not to give it? Sometimes people give us their phone numbers. Here is all popularity. We really don't care a lot about this. If we'll have music, we'll have popularity too on the universal scale. And we will.

What's the difference, of course if it is there, between public in the other cities? How are you accepted out of Peter?
Well, In Peter we see such demanding and jealous reaction on us. Something like that: "Come on! Show us something special, we've not seen yet". And outside the audience feels shock, as felt in Peter when we played there for the first time.
There was one thing surprising me at the beginning of our tour. The reaction of people at concert didn't depend on their musical preferences. I mean, we were afraid that there would be punks or metal rockers and they wouldn't understand us. And you know, it was strange, but it was. Everybody reacted absolutely in the same way - a jar on the floor. That was funny. It's great to play in Moscow. If you've taught the audience once all you need to do then is just not to disappoint. It looks, like we have.

What performance was the most remembered for you personally and why?
I remember all of them, like children. But, of course, there're more emotions on big stages, and that's why I remember such gigs better. We played with "Rollins Band" at "Luzhniky". It was our first concert in Moscow. Or we played with "Garbage" in Petersburg and were sabotaged by local stage personnel. And "Garbage" technical crew had seen that started to help us. Then were festivals "Okna otkroy!", "SKIF". There're a lot of things I can recall.

Animal Jazz had opened for such bands as "Sense Hallucinations" or already mentioned "Garbage" and etc. So what's your impression from musicians, public, from that atmosphere? Does it make any difference for you whom to play with?
With whom to play - the difference is only in public. The atmosphere depends on us. I'm sure and saw not once, that we can play with anybody and before anybody. The main thing is to be in good form. And all those concerts just for press release. We played with such and such and so on. We really don't care. We can play even with Boris Moiseyev. Of course, we'll laugh a lot.

How do you think, what's your band's contribution to Petersburg musical culture?
We're the only band, which plays heavy melodic music pretty variously. We don't play in one style. "Queen", "Faith No More" are similar examples. We're more close to this point. However it sounds pathos and overweening, but I think, we're going in a step ahead of ourselves.

Despite of your popularity, it's almost impossible to hear the band on the radio. Why so?
It would be a trite answer to say, the radio didn't grow up. However, I think, all takes its normal course. We're, probably, not a band of quick success, which turns at once from a dirty to princes. All will be in it's time.

How are moral duties divided in group? I don't mean who plays guitar or keyboards, but who is the conscience of the band, the punctuality and so on. At this point.
Gene (guitar player) - our motor, Serge (drummer) - our tuning fork, Boris (keyboard) - our everything, Igor (bass guitar) - our soul, well and I'm probably, the truth and conscience.

Whom would you like to play with on one stage?
All the same. I'd like to play somewhere at Glasto or Reading. It's important where to play, not with whom.

Many musicians make joint projects now. As I know, you also do with "Scafandr" and "Baobabs". Do you have any plans else in this direction?
No, I don't have and I can't have. I sing in Animal Jazz. Maybe sometimes I can do something like this for fun. I sing one song with "Baobabs", one with "Scafandr", because we're friends. I respect these bands and these people, so why not to do something in common.

You're the manager of the remarkable music site. Thus you see new bands, new music and changes in already existing ones. Who has become something really new or surprising for you?
"Nihau" did. It's a fameless Petersburg band. They make cool emo-rock like "Smashing Pumpkins". '2 Captains' also did. There're only bass and drums and nothing else's needed. I like Moscow bands "My rockets up!" and "Frecken Bock " too. In general, the things go good in our underground. Better than in our moth-eaten Russian show-biz.

You've already released two albums and two singles. Last released single "15" pretty differs from your usual style. Why? What's the reason of it?
No, it doesn't differ. It's our usual style - eclectics. We make stylization (don't confuse with sterilization). We can do songs in absolutely different styles, but every song is balanced. This single figures our new album, which's basely heavy. But we wouldn't be jazz if we didn't put some variety to metal. So there'll be much unexpected songs on the album.

I know, that music and lyrics are mainly written by you. If it's not a secret, tell about songwriting. How do you find images? What's about inspiration? Where or when does it come? How often?
Well, lyrics are really mine, but music is made by all of us. Earlier I could write half an album. As I did it for our first LP "Animalizm". But now it's in the past. Thank God. A singer must sing and write lyrics. Let the guitarists make music. Maybe sometimes I'll make it too.

One time you and Leonid Novikov were making a radio program named "Underground". The program was a chance for young bands to be heard. But soon it was closed. How do you explain this?
The owners of the radio station were frightened. They told us, the music we played on wasn't music at all. It's a pity 'cause the program was a chance for them to catch new audience and not to decay finally. Then in a month the program about alternative music appeared on the other station. How do you think, what was the name of it? - It was "Underground". They just stole the name and that's it.

How did you feel yourself as a radio presenter?
Not especially comfortable, but it was pleasant. Anyway I've got some experience with a microphone before. So I can tell it was so much interesting as when you're interviewed.

What are your plans for nearest future?
In April we'll start recording of the album. Hope to finish it till summer. It will be released somewhere in autumn. Our next single will be out as the NME's supplement in late May. We'll play at several fests in summer, maybe abroad. We also plan to make video. Two videos are already in production. Well, there's a lot of all.

Do you have some words you'd like to tell at the end?
Stop fighting!

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