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  • 20.07 Izhevsk
  • 21.07 Nashestvie
  • 25.07 Moskva
  • 31.07 Sankt-Peterburg
  • 04.08 Taman
  • 17.08 Rostov-na-Donu
  • 18.08 Roza Hutor

01.08.2006 The review on the album "Unplugged Part II. Rarities" by Rovesnik Magazine

The review on the album "Unplugged Part II. Rarities"

Animal Jazz: "Unplugged Part II. Rarities" - The Album Of The Month

Almost two years past since the moment the album "Kak Ludi" had been released. Nevertheless, St. Petersburg alternative band doesn't let their fans to be bored: they're touring a lot and already had released two unplugged records. In differ from the first, which was consisted of live sets recordings, the second was made at the studio and includes the old and rare compositions mostly, few well known hits ("Stereolove", "10000 Cigarettes Ago") and new songs ("Step. Breath", "Three Stripes"). Two guitars, bass, light percussion and the voice. The unplugged recording always is a kind of exam for many groups: here's nowhere to hide behind heavy sound and studio effects. And the Animal Jazz has passed exam with excellent mark! Though sometimes music marks with dry sound and lyrics - with roughness, anyway musicians made a new big step ahead. Now they're not the young talented debutants playing the clubs, but the well formed collective with their own sound, message and splendid melodies. So now we'll wait for the new album, which is to be released this autumn.

Ilya Zinin (Rovesnik Magazine, Summer 2006)

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